What is Screen?

Screen is the first element in the interection section in toolbox. If you have seen the previous example you would already know what is toolbox and Elements.

Screen element is used if we want to interact with user or take any input from user. So, Let's drag the screen element to our canvas.

When we drag the screen this popup will show in which we have 3 sections :

  1. Components - Here you will find all the component which you can use on screen.
  2. Canvas - This is the place where you will put your components.
  3. Screen Properties - In this you will define screen properties like Label, Api name, Header and Footer.

In this example I have added 2 screen elements :

1. For Feedback form - In this screen we have added some fields and created a feedback form for user.
Checkout how it looks :
2. Thank you - In this screen user will see a thank you message. Have a look :

Here is the final result of how the flow will look on run time. I have added it in a new lightning app through lightning app builder.

For complete video, Check this link :

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