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In this LIGHTNING FLOW SERIES you will get tutorials from beginner to intermediate level. I will give you examples from simple to complicated flow and also in this series every flow element will have a different video for it so that you can find it very easily.

What is a flow?

Lightning Flow is a very powerful tool that collects data and performs actions in your Salesforce org or an external system. Salesforce Flow provides two types of flows: screen flows and autolaunched flows.

To automate a business process that collects data from people, use a screen flow. For example, create a guided tutorial or wizard with screens.

To launch a flow internally when a record changes or when a user clicks a button, use an autolaunched flow. For example, add automation to your page or app to perform an action to a record when a user clicks a button.

If you want to read in details about flow, Click Here

Let's start by creating a new flow :

To create a flow you will go to Setup>Flows and you will see this page shown below :

Here you will see the list of flows and a NEW FLOW button. When you will click on new flow button it will redirect you to flow builder which will look like this :

What is Flow Builder?

In simple words Flow Builder is the declarative interface used to build individual flows. Flow Builder can be used to build code-like logic without using a programming language.

In this example I will give you insights about screen flow first. So when you will click on screen flow you will see this screen which is your flow canvas. You can drag and drop the elements you want to add from the left side bar. Have a look at the canvas first

This is how your canvas will look. On the left hand side you have toolbox from where you can drag any element to the canvas.

Let's get to know about all the elements on the left side. Checkout this video for all the details you should know about these elements before starting your salesforce flow journey.

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