About Sfdc Girl


Hello Everyone! Welcome to my Blog. Really happy that you chose to read this.


I am Monika Ramchandani Founder of sfdcgirl.com and the YouTube Channel sfdcgirl.

I am working as a Salesforce Developer at Revolve Softech Pvt. Ltd. I am from Ajmer, Rajasthan.

Journey ❤

Amm from where to start.
So, if I go back to my childhood all of my friends would say they will become doctor or CA or something else when they grow older but I never knew what I wanted to be at that time and I always wondered if there is something lacking in me that I don't even know what career path I will take.

Then I understood it with time that how can you decide in 7th or 8th grade what you want to become and what your interests will be.
I just knew one thing that I want to do something for myself. I don't want to be dependent on anyone and I don't want to just sit at home and do nothing.
I knew I wanted to build my career and not just to earn (To be honest I have learnt with time that it is very important) but also to add an impact on others.

I was never into Technology but wanted to learn something extra. I pursued B.Com and then I joined an Institute for a computer course which was a 3 years course. So, I thought while doing my B.com Graduation I will complete that also.

When I started that course it was all about Html, Css, Js and then in 2nd year it was Asp.Net and C#.
Don't want to praise myself too much but trust me I was the best in my batch. Soon I became very popular there.

So from 2nd and 3rd year I was very much interested in building my career in .net.
And from there my journey began.
I was a .net developer for 3 years 2015-2018 and I was really enjoying that phase and then I got married in 2019 and took a break from work for sometime.
But the zeal in me to work and to learn something was so strong that I started learning Salesforce from trailhead.
You know trailhead, The Badges and achievements makes you learn more and more and more...
And that's how my salesforce journey started.
From then till now I am learning salesforce and working as a salesforce developer.

Why SFDC Girl?

So, from childhood (Yes, I know I am talking a lot about childhood but it is what it is. I have to be honest right?) I just wanted to teach / share information / share and show my skills.
And also I am a very talkative person. I just love to speak 😅.
When I joined Salesforce as a career and learning path I saw how great and helpful this whole community is. Everyone is helping each other and there are so many great creators who are creating content to help others in their path to enlighten.

I thought why not me?
Salesforce has given me my career and while I am still learning I can share and educate what I have learnt over time as well.
That's how it all started and I just thought of creating a YouTube channel where I can share what I know and explain it in my language and in the best possible way that I know.
That's how I created my channel on YouTube which is SFDC GIRL. Little did I know It will cross 1k subscribers. 💖

Just that feeling that so many people wants to hear you and find your content useful is so fulfilling. I just can not describe it in words.

And that gave me more motivation to start a blog also. So, here I am with my blog for all of you trailblazers who want to learn and grow.


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