Introducing the "Flow Using This Email Alert" Section🚨| SPRING'24 UPDATE 🌻

Imagine this: You're doing Salesforce configurations, managing email alerts and flows when suddenly, you receive a request to analyze which flows are using a specific email alert. Your first thought might be to open each flow individually, painstakingly checking for the email alert in question. But fear not, Salesforce has given us a solution – the "Flow Using This Email Alert" section.

How to Access the Feature

Accessing this feature is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Email Alerts: Head to Setup, and in the Quick Find box, enter "Email Alerts". Select "Email Alerts" from the dropdown.
  • Explore the Details: Click on the email alert you're interested in. On the details page, you'll find the new section titled "Flow Using This Email Alert".

What makes this feature truly invaluable is its ability to provide a comprehensive list of flows utilizing the selected email alert. It doesn't just stop there, it also includes essential details such as the flow name, version, associated object, and active status. This wealth of information empowers admins and developers to make informed decisions about their email alert configurations without the hassle of manual investigation.

Release notes for this feature -

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