Flow Trigger Explorer

In this blog we will learn about the new Spring 22 release feature which is Flow Trigger Explorer.
So, What is that?
So before this release when you click on Flows you will see list of all the flows that you have created in your org.
But if you want to check what is inside the flow, what is the version of the flow or on which object this flow is working on. 
If you want to check if it is a Triggered Flow.
How will you do it?
Here comes the Flow Trigger Explorer.
Here you can see all the Trigger Flow according to the objects. You can see the details and versions of the flow. You can Deactivate or Activate the Flow.
All of this you can do on a single screen.

That's the Magic of Flow Trigger Explorer.
No, That's not it. You can also arrange the order of your flow in Flow Trigger Explorer.

Have a Look at from where you can go to Flow Trigger Explorer :

When you will search for flows. You will see this new button on top right corner which says "Flow Trigger Explorer". Click on this button and you will be redirected to this screen :

This is flow trigger explorer. Here you will see at top you can select for which object you want to see the flows and for what event.

After that we have 3 sections. 
You will see Fast Field Updates flow at first. Then you will see flows that you have created for Actions and Related Records and after that you will see all the Asynchronous Jobs for that Object.

Now when you will click on the Dropdown near Account you will see all the list of Objects :

When you will click on the Dropdown near Created you will see list of actions :

That's not all. If you want to Open the details of flow. Click on the arrow near Active :

From here you can see details of the flow. You can Open the Flow. You can deactivate and activate versions of flow as well.

Here is a last thing. How to rearrange the flow order?

Have a Look :

That's all for Flow Trigger Explorer. If you want to see the detail explanation checkout the video below :

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