Introducing Subflow

In this blog we will learn about a very interesting element in flow which is subflow. So, What is that?
In very simple words, with Subflow you want to call one flow into another flow. In other terms we can call it nested flows as well.

For Example you have a flow for asking user for their feedback and now you have a scenario :
You are in a service industry and you have to create a flow asking user what kind of services they want from you. After filling the services form user should fill a feedback form about how did they like our process.
In this case you will create a service form in a screen flow but instead of creating another form in that flow for user to fill the feedback you can easily just call your feedback form flow that you already have in your org.
By doing that you will save a lot of time and your flow will not get complicated. So that is the power of subflow. You can reuse a common flow multiple times.

To add subflow we will drag Subflow Element from the toolbox and drag to to the canvas. After that we will add the flow name we want to add as Subflow and that's it.

Have a Look :

Checkout the example in action :

For complete video and detail example, Do check out the tutorial here :

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