TOP 5 Spring' 23 Release Updates for Flow 🌞🕊️

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Let's get ready for Spring' 23 🌞

You can sign up for a spring'23 pre-release edition environment. This is full of all the Spring'23 updates.

Here are top 5 updates related to Salesforce Flows which I found very interesting and useful.

Flow Builder Updates 🔨

1) Add Lookup Fields to your Flow Screens with Ease

In Screen Component with the help of Dynamic Forms you can directly add record field of an object and work with them but you were not able to add Lookup Record Fields. All the other fields were available to drag and drop except the Lookup Field.
Now, Lookup Fields are also available for you to use directly.

Have a look Here :

1) In this I have a Case Record but here you can see "AccountID" and "ContactID" these two fields which are the lookup fields on Case object are not available to add it to our screen.

(Want to learn how to use Dynamic Forms in Flow? Here is the article and Video Tutorial that you might like)

2) In the pre release org you can find these fields as well.

2) See Element Description On the Flow Canvas

Now you can easily read the user given description for an element in Auto-Layout. After every element you can see Note icon icon and you can find the description by hovering on to the icon or while on the element, press Ctrl+i (Windows) or Cmd+i (macOS).

Have a look :

3) Get a Streamlined Flow Element Menu

Now you can easily find flow element description on Tooltips. Before this element descriptions were listed under each element and often truncated due to lack of space.

Have a look :

This was how it looked before :

How it looks in the Spring' 23 release :

Flow Runtime Updates 👩‍🏭

1) Select a Value from a List of Choices with the Choice Lookup Component (Beta)

Now you have a new Component in the Screen Component which is Choice Lookup (Beta).
Your users can select from a list of picklist values or records that you filtered when you configured the flow. 

For Example, rather than asking users to scroll through a long picklist to select a value, use the Choice Lookup (Beta) component to enable users to search for values. The Choice Lookup (Beta) component supports all choice resources, including collection choice sets and picklist choice sets.

Have a Look :

Here I have added Account choice set :

Flow Extension Updates 👤

1) Search for an Individual in a Flow

With the new Search for an Individual action in Flow Builder, use the Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) to find and filter on contact, lead, or employee records.

Have a look :

Step 1 : Take an Action Element and in the Action option type "Search for an Individual".

After than you will see all these options.

Step 2 : In the Set Search Criteria section fill the fields according to your search.

I have added Contact - Name Fields - Search Term ("monika")
with this any contact with name monika will appear.
I have taken a screen element to print the ContactID of the output.

Here is the result :

I get these two contact IDs because I have two contacts with the first name monika.

That was the top 5 interesting updates from my side. You can go through the full list of updates from Here
Have a look at the Admin Release Date Countdown

If you want to checkout these feature as video, please do follow the below link :

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