Record Triggered Flow

In this Blog you will learn a new type of flow which is Record Trigger Flow. As the name suggests Record Triggered flow works when an action on a record is occured.
Creating or updating a record can trigger an autolaunched flow to make additional updates to that record before it's saved to the database.

Record trigger flow launches when a record is created, updated or deleted. This autolaunched flow runs in the background.

Use Case :
Create a record triggered flow through which whenever a case's status will be updated to working this trigger will run and create a task for that case.

For this use case first we will create a new record triggered flow.
This is how it will look :

Here you will select Record-Triggered Flow.
After that you will see the following screen :

In this screen you will add the object name which will trigger the flow. In our case the object is Case.
After that it will ask you when do you want to Trigger the Flow which means when do you want the flow to run.
There are Four options.
  1. A record is created - Choose this if you want it to work when a case will be created.
  2. A record is updated - Choose this if you want it work when a case will be updated.
  3. A record is created or updated - Choose this if you want this to work on both the above scenarios.
  4. A record is deleted - Choose this if you want this to work when a case is deleted.
We have chosen "A record is updated" because we want this to run when case status changes.
After this it will ask you to set conditions if any. 
Have a look at our condition below :

For condition we have added Status='Working' because a task should be created only if the status is changed to 'Working'.
Below that it will give you two options.
  1. Fast Field Update - Choose this if you want to update anything in the same object.
  2. Actions and Related Records - Choose this if you want any other action to occur on any other objects.
We have chosen Actions and Related Records because we want to create a task which means we want to work on another object.

After this configuration now we want to create a new task. So, for that we will take the Create Record Element to create a task.
If you want to learn how to use create record element do check out my previous blog or click here to go to the Youtube Tutorial.

Here is how our Create Record Element for task will look like :

Have a look at the flow :

For Detailed Video/Tutorial checkout this youtube video :

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