Get Record Element

In this blog you will learn what is Get Record Element in Salesforce Flow and how you can use it to easily retrieve data from objects.
As the name suggests Get Record Element is used to get records from any salesforce object. In simple words it will work same as your Select Statement that you use in Apex to get record/list of records from object.

Use Case :
Create a flow and get Accounts which are Active and their Industry is Construction from Account object using Get Record Element.
For Get Record Element you can not see the output directly. Get record is used for getting the records and then using it for loop or any other Data Element.

In this example we are creating a screen flow and getting the Accounts with above conditions.

Have a look at our get record element :

In this we have given Label and Api name to the Element and after that we need to select the object we want to fetch data from. We have selected Account in Object field.
After that we have to add the two conditions that are mentioned below. 
Have a look at how we have added the conditions :

Here are the two conditions that we have added. That's it now all the accounts with Active='yes' and Industry='Construction' will be fetched through this element.

In this detail tutorial I am letting you know about how you can save the data from this element to variable/collection variables as well, So do check out this youtube video for Details :

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